Abe’s Bio

Who am I and why are we here? Great question.

If there was an official certification for “Many Fuckups”, I’m 100% certain it’d be hanging on my wall. Other than that, I’m a proud and thankful father and son. A huge car enthusiast and a very curious soul. I have a business background, and hold experience in motivational coaching, speaking and mentoring. I share a profound passion for life journeys and self improvement.

Over the last few years, I’ve undergone what I like to consider the biggest life change I have ever experienced. It was a painful, disturbing and unsettling road to becoming a better version of myself. I’ve made it my mission to share my experiences with as many people as I can, so I really hope you enjoy this journey with me.

I’m a huge fan of other people’s stories, so If you ever feel like sharing your thoughts with me, please do, I’d love to hear all about it.

Thank you for joining me and welcome to our shared space.

All the best,